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Our story: Godfrieds Vision

Godfrieds Jeans stands for

- totally your style
- standard sizes  or made to measure
- Quality jeans
- local production
- an ecological and sustainable product
- no mass production
- efficiently, your pants are delivered to your home

Totally your style

In our webshop you can order ecological, durable and customized jeans. In the webshop you can choose from different models and colors of jeans. We deliver you unwashed jeans (raw) without "wear". After 1 year of intensive wear, you get a pair of jeans with "your" wear, without unnecessarily burdening our planet.

new Raw denim  6 months of wearing 1 year of wearing

Standard size / or / Made To Measure

We aim for a pair of trousers that fits perfectly. Because you enter your own sizes, we can produce a pair of jeans for you in which the pattern is perfectly calculated. Our basic model, the 5010, is a typical men's trousers. It is not a close fit model, she is rather loose, with straight side seams.
We offer 2 ways of measuring

STD - Standard size

The STD size is an easier version to enter your measurements. You only have to specify the circumference of belt and inside leg length.

MTM - Made to Measure

This measurement includes several specific steps to take your measurements. This formula is one that requires some experience.

Quality jeans

Because we always use good quality products as raw materials, we can also supply you with real quality jeans.
Our main product is of course denim. We use the SELFEDGE type. This is denim that is woven with traditional shuttle looms. The result is solid, high-quality denim with  closed selvedges.
To sew the denim together, we mainly use linen yarn. This yarn is very strong and stylish in combination with the denim.
The last raw material of our jeans are the corozo buttons, these are made from "ivory nuts" from the Phytelephas palm. A natural product and manually sewn on the trousers.
All trousers are stitched in our workshop in Belgium. As a sixth generation of professional tailors, craftsmanship is in our genes. We use only the best machines and techniques to make the best jeans for you.
We only choose natural materials, which makes your jeans 100% biodegradable.

Local product

Our trousers are produced locally and therefore do not travel around the world to reach you. From pattern to trousers everything is carefully done by us in our own workshop.

Ecological and sustainable

Our production process always takes every detail into account. We consider :

People: no child labor. Godfried makes every jeans completely self.

Planet: no unnecessary chemical processes, no energy waste, no unnecessary storage space and quality clothing that lasts for a long time.
We have managed to make our jeans from 100% natural materials. Our jeans are theoretically 100% compostable with 0% indigestible residual material.

Profit: we reinvest the profit we make in our business and in the long term we strive to remain small-scale, any expansion will be done by setting up an identical unit at another location to serve their own local region.

Small scale compared to mass production

Every Godfrieds jeans are made by Godfried himself. No other employees are currently involved. This small scale provides an overview and a very conscious way of working. No unnecessary transportation, exploitation of underage employees, no unnecessary use of chemicals and energy.

Delivered to your home

You can enter your measurements via our webshop, after which the patterns for your pants are calculated and drawn. Then your jeans are put together and finished to perfection and finally delivered with Bpost at your home.