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Western fit or Well-fitting jeans

Western fit or Well-fitting jeans

In addition to our typical western fit, we now also have Well-fitting jeans.

Our pants until now were based on the typical cut where the side seams were a straight line that was cut along the selvedge (selfedge) of the fabric, resulting in jeans that fit well with the legs slightly spread. With the new well-fitting fit, the side seams follow the body shape. In the photos you can see both fittings on or next to each other.

With this Well-fitting cut, the selfedge of the fabric is not in the side seams, but incorporated in the button fly, waistband and belt loops.

As always, our jeans are available in 100% organic cotton and are custom made.For both fittings, you decide whether you want to wear it wide or slim, bootcut or straight ....

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