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What exactly does made to measure at Godfrieds Jeans entail?

At Godfrieds Jeans, we believe in delivering perfectly fitting jeans that are made especially for you. Our customization process starts with creating a pattern that is completely mathematically calculated in a spreadsheet.
Ground layout pattern Godfrieds jeans This pattern is adjusted based on all measurements we receive from you, our customer. Although taking these measurements may not be easy for the customer, this method guarantees the best results in terms of wearing comfort. In addition, we create gender-neutral patterns with this method, which means that our jeans are suitable for everyone. The main difference between the men's and women's models is mainly in the proportions between different sizes, such as the ratio between waist and hips. By choosing a tailor-made version of our jeans, we produce a garment that fits your proportions perfectly, resulting in jeans that are really for 'you'. However, we should mention that certain styles have a certain look that can be typically masculine or feminine. Our 5010 model is a typical male trouser that is worn on the hips.

You can find a printable guide for pants here and for skirts here.


The dimensions we need to produce MTM jeans are divided into 3 main groups.
style-dependent measuring points Godfrieds jeans

Style-dependent dimensions, which are typical of the style you want (e.g. length of the side of the jeans)

oversize pattern Godfrieds jeans

Oversizes , these measurements determine the fit of the garment. Do you want the garment close to the body (slim fit) or more comfortably loose from the body?

body measurements pattern Godfrieds jeans

Wearer dependent dimensions are the basic measurements of the wearer which are mainly body measurements that can be used for different models (e.g. hip circumference)

What if you prefer standard size jeans?

If our customization process seems too complicated or too much work, we also offer a standard jean. With just your waist size and inseam length, we can produce a pair of jeans for you according to standard size charts (STD). In this way, we produce jeans like most other jeans brands, with the only difference being that all our jeans are produced piece by piece. So even if you choose a standard size, we still guarantee the highest quality and attention to detail in every garment we make.

We hope this information has helped you gain a better understanding of our customization process at Godfrieds Jeans. If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are always ready to help! You can always make an appointment to have me measure you personally.

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