FAQ Raw denim

Raw denim

Godfrieds only sells jeans made from Raw denim, which means that we only sell unwashed or untreated jeans.
You receive the jeans in the fabric as we purchase them from our suppliers (dark blue, hard and stiff), it is up to the customer to wear out his jeans by wearing them intensively.
A new pair of jeans will have "broken" after a few days of wear and will have adapted to your movements and shapes.
The result will be that after months of wearing it, she will become part of you, and she will have a wear that is part of you and your habits.

The photo shows a pair of raw jeans and one that has been worn for 270 days.

Raw denim versus used denim Godfrieds jeans
Normally you should always have 3 jeans in rotation:
  • a new Raw,
  • a pair of jeans that you have worn for a year,
  • and your favorite one - one that is actually already worn over the top.