FAQ Fabric denims

We currently have 6 self-edge denims, all 6 are 100% cotton, so no stretch fabrics. The oz values ​​are the weight (i.e. thickness) of the fabric in ounces per square yard.

  1. An Italian from Candiani denim (ST12) is a light 13 oz denim bluer.
  2. A Japanese from Collect (ST15) slightly heavier basic 15 oz denim in a dark gray/blue.
  3. A Japanese from Collect (ST17) very heavy denim 18 oz japanblue a dark gray/blue.
    100% cotton

The Japanese weaving mill Collect is part of the Japan blue group, which also produces Momotaro jeans.

blue light Italian denim 13oz godfrieds jeans
Blue heavy Japanese denim 14oz godfrieds jeans
Blue extra heavy Japanese denim 18oz godfrieds jeans
Italian denim 13oz(st12) Japanese denim 15oz(st15) Japanese denim 18oz(st17)
Italian light denim versus heavy Japanese denim Godfrieds jeans

The jeans shown here have been worn for 365 days and washed every 4 weeks.
The left leg is the slightly lighter blue Italian denim.
The right leg is Japanese heavier and darker gray-blue denim.

New since 09/2021, 2 new self-edge denims and since 10/02/2023 a deep blue one.

Blue heavy Italian denim 15oz godfrieds jeans
Black heavy Italian denim 15oz godfrieds jeans
Deep dark Blue heavy Italian denim 14oz godfrieds jeans
Italian blue denim 15oz(st21) Italian black denim 15oz(st19) Italian deep dark blue denim 13oz(st20)
  1. A heavy basic 15 Oz blue Italian from Candiani, (ST21), the color and aspect is similar to the Japanese, but a lot cheaper, 100% Regenagri cotton (regenerative certified)
  2. A heavy 15 Oz black Italian from Candiani, (ST19), 100% organic cotton GOTS (GLOBAL ORGANIC TEXTILE STANDARD)
  3. A lighter 13 oz deep dark blue Italian from Candiani, (ST20), 100% Regenagri cotton (regenerative certified), extra starch (unwashed this is a hard fabric)

Below is an overview of what our denims look like after being worn for 365 days.
These jeans have all been washed approximately every other month.

our washed denims Godfrieds

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