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We currently offer 6 models in different denims (fabrics). No stretch and all Selvedge denim (selfedge).
The first 2 are our basic "made-to-measure" trousers. For MTM jeans, we need a range of measurements from you. You can find more information about the sizes here, and it is also best to use the 'info click' buttons, which provide a drawing, text explanation and a video for each measuring point when ordering a jean.

western versus well fitting jeans
On both of these models, you can:

Make the choice with or without cuff at the bottom and single or double cuff.

choice of single double cover
Choice of different legs, Narrow (Tapered) or straight (straight) or wide (bootcut).
pipe types tapered straight drill cut

By playing with the dimensions, you can configure shorts or Bermuda shorts or 3/4 or 7/8 trousers.

schorts Bermuda apron 3/4 jeans 7/8 jeans

You can determine the style of the pants by playing with the oversizes.
Wide or narrow at the hips, thighs, or calves as you like.

drawing showing resluts of different oversizes

Here in the photo, narrow at the hips and thighs, wide at the calves.

wide ankle, roomy at the calves and ankles

Our third model is our only Standard jeans, cut according to standard size chart. We only need band circumference and inseam length, e.g. 36/34.

  • Model 5010 Western jeans according to standard sizes, only straight leg available according to standard sizes, e.g. 36/32. We use a "fair" sizing system, the circumference of the waistband is also the size of the pants, so it is best to check because each jeans brand has its own size system.

In addition to our basic trousers, we also have:

  • Model 5011 bib pants, Western cut, these are only made to measure (MTM).
  • Model 5015 skirt worn on the hips, this skirt is only made to measure (MTM), there is a choice of different skirt shapes and split types.
  • Model 5016 bib skirt worn on the hips, this bib skirt is only made to measure (MTM), there is a choice of different skirt shapes and split types.
  • Model 1140 custom Western jacket is currently still in development (another 6 months of work).

For more details, see our shop homepage.

different models of Godfrieds jeans

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