FAQ Gender

Our genderless jeans are designed with diversity and individuality in mind. In essence, all our models are suitable for everyone, regardless of gender. The distinction between women's and men's clothing lies mainly in the ratio between dimensions. Typically, women have a larger hip circumference than men for the same waist size. When constructing our jeans, we use the body measurements you provide to us, ensuring each pair of jeans is made to measure with these proportions in mind.

Sometimes we classify our styles as women's, men's or unisex styles, which indicates that the aesthetic of the jeans leans more towards a certain gender, such as the "Western" which is more associated with men, and the "fitted" jeans which are more feminine appearance. You can also choose the size of the back pockets, with the option for large or small pockets being a subtle reference to traditional masculine or feminine style elements.

This approach applies to all our trousers, bib trousers, skirts, and bib skirts. However, the only exception is the Standard size Western jeans, which are typically associated with men due to the standard sizes based on a men's chart. Nevertheless, these jeans can also be worn by ladies, often referred to as the "Boyfriend" jeans, where the loose fit and cool look have a unisex appeal.

At Godfrieds we embrace diversity in all its forms and strive to provide clothing that is not bound by rigid gender stereotypes, but instead supports the freedom and expression of every individual. Our genderless jeans are not just a garment, but a statement of inclusivity and empowerment.

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