FAQ Sustainability

At Godfrieds Jeans, sustainability is central, where we focus on the 3 P's: People, Planet, Profit.

People: We are currently a small-scale one-man company. As we grow, we will engage local people to support our production in the Benelux. With further expansion, we will set up new production units in the relevant sales markets, so that our jeans are always produced by local people.

Planet: We aim to eliminate (in the future) certain standard production steps in the apparel industry, such as Sanforizing and skewing, by integrating these processes into our patterns. This allows us to achieve the same result without the large machines and factory halls where these production steps normally take place. We mainly buy our denim from Candiani in Italy, one of the few European weaving mills that produces self-edge denim. Candiani is committed to sustainable cotton production and sourcing through BCI, GOTS and Regenagri. We also offer a repair service to extend the life of our jeans.

Profit: The profit from our jeans sales is fully invested in achieving our sustainability goals. Since we have no shareholders, we do not pay dividends.

Our focus is on using 100% pure natural materials, a local production process without unnecessary steps or excessive energy consumption, and minimizing washing and ironing of our jeans by customers.

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