FAQ Maintenance and washing

At Godfrieds we believe in preserving the natural beauty of denim, which is why all our jeans are delivered unwashed. Here are some important tips to keep your jeans looking great for a long time:

1. Wash inside out: It is essential to wash your jeans inside out. This way you minimize the risk of wash creases. These score lines are considered a washing defect (casures) and can never be removed from your jeans. They are caused by the sizing agents  (starch) used during weaving on the cotton, they ensure the stiffness of the fabric and therefore sometimes creases that cause the break lines.

2. Wash your jeans as little as possible: To extend the life of your jeans and maintain the base color, we recommend washing your jeans as little as possible. This also helps to accentuate the natural wear of the jeans, adding to the authentic look.

3. Use suitable detergent: When you decide to wash your jeans, use a mild detergent that is suitable for dark colors. This will help maintain the color of your jeans and ensure a better result.

4. Avoid Ironing: It is important not to iron your jeans as this can disrupt their natural wear. The only detail that can be ironed is the side seam, which should always be open on the inside.

5. Wash separately: Especially during the first wash, it is essential to wash your jeans separately or together with other blue jeans. This prevents dye particles, which are not bound to the cotton, from coloring other garments in the machine.

6. For the real Raw jeans wearers: If you like to take the hardcore approach, we recommend hand washing your jeans in a bathtub. Avoid using a dryer or tumbler as this will disrupt the wear pattern every time you wash. More info here.

Image stamp maintenance instructions

The washing and maintenance symbols show the following information

    • you can wash at 60 °C
    • do not use bleaching products
    • you can dry your jeans warm
    • you can iron hot
    • you may use the normal dry cleaning process without restrictions.

All these guidelines are the maximums, you can always go lower.


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