FAQ Organic cotton

At Godfrieds Jeans, we strive to make our jeans as organic as possible. This means that we use carefully selected types of denims (fabrics) that are certified to high environmental standards. We currently use BCI cotton, GOTS cotton and Regenagri cotton.

BCI Gots Regenagri organic cotton symbols

What do the different certifications mean?

- BCI (Better Cotton Initiative): This certification guarantees that cotton is produced in a more sustainable way, with attention to the environment, farming communities and the economic development of cotton producers.

- GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard): GOTS cotton meets strict ecological and social criteria, from cultivation to final production. Our GOTS-certified denim from our Japanese supplier is made from Turkish cotton.

- Regenagri: This certification emphasizes regenerative agriculture, which improves soil quality and promotes biodiversity. Our Italian supplier uses Regenagri cotton, including Western European regenerative cotton. More details can be found in this link .

Why are our suppliers limited?

Our choice of Selfedge denim, a traditional weaving technique, limits us to a select number of suppliers. Only a few Italian, 1 American and a dozen Japanese weaving mills use this authentic weaving method. Despite these limitations, we manage to offer authentic, sustainably produced, high-quality jeans, made in Belgium.

Where can I find more information about our suppliers and their cotton?

For more information about the specific certifications and our suppliers, please visit the following links:
- Regenagri

We are proud of our commitment to sustainability and hope you enjoy the quality and authenticity of our jeans.


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