FAQ Selvedge denim


selfedge selvedge salvage shuttle loom

Selfedge denims (link) are woven in the old-fashioned way on shuttle looms (photo), in the model descriptions of the different models you will find the availability of the fabrics per model. Selfedge or selvedge or selvage are 3 terms that are used interchangeably for this.
This method of weaving results in a bonded selvedge being created at the edges of the fabric.
We ensure that the side seams of our jeans are cut along this selvedge, so that our jeans have an open seam that becomes visible when you wear the jeans with a cuff (photo) at the bottom.
This way of weaving used to be the standard, but now there are only about +/-20 weaving mills that produce this type of denim.


Selfedge selvedge selvage cuff Godfried jeans

More in this video.