regenagri logo op achtergrond van denim

We have a new deep dark blue Denim, the cotton Regenagri cotton.

We have a new addition to our denim range. A deep dark blue Denim that is actually made to stay blue as long as possible and not to fade or show wear quickly.
The cotton is 100% certified Regenagri cotton from the Italian weaving mill Candiani. It was 1 year ago the first denim weaving mill to earn this certificate. Regenerative farming is more result-oriented than Organic cotton, aiming to maximize the overall positive impact by rebalancing natural ecosystem function. It prioritizes soil health, which has many far-reaching environmental benefits, and encourages the storage of more CO2 underground.
Some of the most common practices:
•Reduced tillage or no ploughing
•Use of cover crops
• Crop rotation
• Soil sampling
It will be difficult for me and the consumers to place all these certificates. For my part, I always try to purchase my raw materials in an environmentally friendly way.
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