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Compose your jeans.

Put together your own raw (unwashed) selfedge jeans "made to measure" and wear out your jeans yourself (it couldn't be more sustainable)

Raw eco jeans sustainable made in Belgium
You will receive an unwashed hard jeans that you have to wear out yourself by wearing (see photo).
I personally make it for you in Belgium from 120€.
Godfried jeansmaker
This is how you order Godfrieds Jeans in our webshop.

Fitting or Style?
Choose between a Western fit (rather men) or a well-fitting (rather women).
Both fits are Unisex and made according to your measurements.
There is also a straight Standard jeans that according to a men's size chart, you only have to specify a belt and length size (e.g. 33/34)..
Western  or well fitting jeans
You choose a fabric.
Depending on the model, there are up to 5 different denims.
Italian or Japanese selfedge denims

Godfrieds choice of denims

You decide whether you want a single or double, narrow or wide cover, or none.
Godfrieds  cuffs

Dimensions of the jeans?
How high and tight do you want the waistband? And how long do you want the jeans, shorts, Bermuda, 7/8 or long?

Godfrieds jeans measurments

Give us oversizes
on the waistband, hip, thigh and calves. This determines the comfort of the jeans, slim fit or wide legs.

Godfrieds oversizes comfort
body measurements
Give us a range of measurements, by which we make the jeans to fit your body.
Godfrieds body measurments
Choose a leg type, tapered (narrowing down), straight, or bootcut (flaring)
Godfrieds  leg types
Do you want proportionally small or large back pockets?
Godfrieds back pocket proportions
With all this data that you have to enter as a customer, you will find   buttons that provide extra explanation based on drawings and videos.

Godfrieds Webshop
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