Raw en versleten jeans naast elkaar

Raw unwashed Selvedge jeans made in Belgium.

Order your unwashed Raw jeans (below) here and wear them out yourself into beautifully washed worn jeans (above) in 365 days of wear.

  • Various self-edge denims (no stretch).
  • Authentic woven denim fabrics from Italy or Japan.
  • Made to measure (MTM) or according to standard sizes (STD)made in Belgium.
  • Men Women or Unisex.
  • Long jeans, 7/8 jeans, Bermuda shorts, shorts as you like.
  • Organic raw materials.
  • Selfedge Selvedge Salvage all three mean the same thing, a bonded selvedge.
  • Locally made, slow fashion.

From €120.


What do we have to offer?

Our strengths

  • Authentic jeans.

    • Raw unwashed.
    • Handmade jeans.
    • According to the cut of the past.
    • Always Selfedge denim.
    • No stretch.
  • Made to measure

    • Made according to your body measurements.
    • As loose fitting as you want.
    • As long or short as you decide.
    boek een afspraak 
  • Ecological and sustainable.

    • Made in Belgium.
    • Organic cotton.
    • 100% cotton fabrics.
    • Linen or cotton stitching thread.
    • Corozo buttons.

What do we stand for?

foto met knopen garen en stof die als voorbeeld stonden voor de kleurpallet keuze

colors from our shop

This photo shows why we chose our webshop colors.